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Hanghzou Dianzi University Library was founded in 1956, under the name of Hangzhou Wireless Industry School Library. Following the changes of the University’s name, it Changed to Hangzhou Institute of Electronic and Engineering Library, and in 2004, it gained its present name. The old building of HDU Library located in Wenyi campus has an area of 6,400 square meters and the new building located in Xiasha campus has an area of 28,000 Square meters.

Hangzhou Dianzi University Library's collection is emphasized on Science and Technology and also covers broad subjects of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. The total collections of HDU Library amounts to 2.46 million volumes, including 1460,000 printed books, 1000,000 e-books, 30,00 Hangzhou Dianzi University theses, more than 2,500 current serials and 50 titles of online databases.


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